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Felame Founders Program – 2021

In 2021 Invendor Innovation Academy, together with two expert partners – GreenFox Academy and Equaiser Foundation is designing a training program for Female Founders, combing the 3 most necessary areas to become an entrepreneur, a Female Founder:

IT Skills

Entrepreunur knwoldege

Softskills and network

Details of application process coming soon!

Invendor Innovation Academy is a knowledge centre where we support your individual journey as an innovation influencer – whether you are a professional in a large corporation, an SME, startup or a civil organization -, or develop your company’s innovation strategy.

We use the key strategy and design approaches that incubators use to help you develop skills as boosting your creativity,  design new services in an agile environment, aligned with soft-skill topics, that help transform your approach and change organisational culture to open up to innovation. 


Attending our programs you will get involved from the very first minute. You will get to know the most useful and trending methodologies and tools through practical trainings. We work with an ecosystem-based approach and believe in the power of the knowledge-sharing and inspiring communities we are building through our programs, so most certainly you will work in teams created from a very diverse group of participants, that means a strong added-value to widen and/or change your mindset.

We believe innovation is the skill to survive in the exponential economy. 

Practical Tools

Design Thinking, Personas, User research, UX/UI, LBMC, Rapid Prototyping, failure culture, Lean Analytics, Service Design


Startups, Young Entrepreneurs education program, University cooperation


Platform, events, knowledge sharing groups

Next Modules

Agile Team/PM, Future Studies Toolkit, Lean Analytics


As an Individual

Participating on either one workshop or taking the whole program, you will get to know several top innovation methodologies, get practical experience and eventually achieve mindset change.

As a Team

Taking the entire curriculum we can help you validate and develop your business idea with the top methodologies. The program is equivalent to an accelerator curriculum and takes 4 months to finish.

Taking one workshop as a team can also help you getting to know certain methodologies to apply to your business.

As a Company

If you are willing to innovate within your company and would like to take the program as a company, besides getting to know the innovation methods, we can help you to create your company’s own tailor-made innovation strategy.

If you are interested as a company, please contact us for further details and unique offerings.


For Individuals

We run open workshops in cooperation with industry experts. The workshop topics are designed for you the get professional knowledge and experience in the most trending areas of innovation best practices, like service design, user experience, business models, AI in HR or Agile Teams.

For Companies

We offer a unique innovation program for your company that helps transform your organisation. The curriculum we designed takes you through the key strategy and design approaches that incubators use to help you develop skills as boosting your creativity, design new services in an agile environment. The curriculum also contains soft-skill modules, that help transform your approach and change organisational culture to open up to innovation.

Besides participating the program, we can help you to create your company’s own tailor-made innovation strategy.



User Research and Persona Development


Lean Business Model Canvas, Business Modeling

Service Design

Lean Product Dev & Agile PM



UX Design


UI Design


Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing


Financial Planning for Startups

Project Management – Innovative Solutions


E-COM and Fintech Sales


Agile Team

Mentoring Culture

Embracing Failure


Robotic Process Automation

AI/Big Data Market Research in Practice

AI tools for HR


Our workshops are practical so we limit the number of participants to minimum 6 people and maximum 25. That’s how you will get the most out of the session! If we do not reach the minimum application than we are rescheduling the event based on your preferences.

Right now we do not have any workshops announced. Stay in touch with us via Facebook and LinkedIn to get the freshest updates!


powered by Invendor

  • Date: 2019.04.04. 09:30-13:00
  • Location: Isobar Budapest Office, 1027 Budapest, Kacsa utca 15-23. 2nd floor.
  • Hours: 4 hours
  • Language: English/Hungarian 

Innovative business models + lean business modeling in practice in one workshop. What to expect in details? 

Business models and SaaS, freemium, from ownership to access, and many more business models that you might ring a bell. We gathered you a full summary of these models with exciting examples around the world. 


After getting some inspiration you have the opportunity to work on your own ideas, or on provided case studies with the help of Lean Business Model Canvas and Context Canvases. Why lean? Going lean is not only development trend, but also used in business modeling aspects. The Lean Business Model Canvas can follow the rapidly changing environment and solutions of an innovative project. 


Our training is designed for corporate innovators and startupers. It is a good opportunity for you bring your idea, that you would like to validate and develop by expert coaches. 

(Do not worry if you don’t have an idea to proceed, we are preparing with case studies to follow by practice.)

Trainers: Antonia Imre, CEO, Invendor Ltd., Invendor Innovation Academy; Zsombor Imre, CEO, Invendor Ltd. 


  • deadline: 2019.03.28.
  • participation fee: 30.000 HUF + VAT / person

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powered by COVA

  • Date: 2019.04.23. 09:30-13:00
  • Location: Isobar Budapest Office, 1027 Budapest, Kacsa utca 15-23. 2nd floor.
  • Hours: 4 hours
  • Language: English / Hungarian 

Autonomous teams are the essential part of modern organisations but most companies fail to achieve autonomy because they focus on doing agile instead of being agile. Almost 5 decades of research proves that the foundation of autonomy is much more than only a set of ceremonies and roles. It is about psychological development of the team towards psychological safety.

This workshop will help you understand the main characteristics of autonomous teams from a psychological perspective and gives you effective tools and techniques to develop the foundations of autonomy. You can also get access to an online questionnaire that gives you detailed insights into the hidden dynamics of the team.

We recommend this workshop for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Business managers who work with teams and want their transition to be successful, or struggle to maintain their transformation and experiencing resistance in their organisation.  

Trainers: Attila Molnár, psychologist, Scrum Master, personal and team coach. 


  • deadline: 2019.04.16.
  • participation fee: 30.000 HUF + VAT / person

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powered by OpenExO

  • Date: 2019.05.09. 9:30-13:00
  • Location: Isobar Budapest Office, 1027 Budapest, Kacsa utca 15-23. 2nd floor.
  • Hours: 4 hours
  • Language: English / Hungarian

Never in history we’ve seen so many technologies accelerating with an increasing pace. Those exponential technologies are intersecting and creating parallel Gutenberg moments, while disrupting traditional business models. Regardless you are a startup or an established company, you need the right mindset, proven tools and a supportive community to live up to the opportunities created by the digital revolution, affecting all industries.

If you’re working in a corporate environment, you should have met the immune system issue – the resistance to change, even change for a good. There is no time to try what is working, you need a methodology that delivers. Otherwise you’ll be disrupted.

If you’re running a startup, then the question is how to make your business model scalable.

Our workshop provides an overview about the latest trends in technology, innovation and business models, gives a quick insight into the “Exponential Organizations” methodology, and brings hand-on examples of its successful implementationYou’ll go home from our workshop with validated ideas about how to shift your company’s business model and organization from linear to exponential.

Trainers: Peter Kristof, certified ExO coach and ambassador, OpenExO


  • deadline: 2019.05.02.
  • participation fee: 30.000 HUF + VAT / person

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…you are a working professional from the corporate or the SME sector and want to either…

  • deepen your knowledge in innovation methodologies
  • equip yourself with skills that can already be used next day
  • learn by experience in a knowledge-sharing, inspiring community
  • start your own incubator program and looking for best practices
  • use your knowledge later on to educate youth in entrepreneurship

Watch our video to see what the 2018 spring term Mentors said!


photon logo

Photon is an online agency, where the clients can order photo shooting or video making with only a few clicks. The company was established in 2018 January and in February got the first investment from Telenor. They opened their first paying services at spring and since than they worked with many companies, like MOL, Bortársaság, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many others. In 2018 they want to take an other investment round.

led logo

The LED team had designed a clever climbing wall, which revolutionizes indoor climbing with modern technologies. With the help of sensors and LED lights, the training becomes more interesting and conscious, and by the application, the process can be easily tracked, estabilishing development for all the climbers who want to make a progress.
What makes our team truly successful is our custom designed climbing holds, product ideas, and already implemented engingeering solutions.

RE-KAMÉ logo

Team Rekamé aims to save the remaining ingredients from supermarkets and use them in its sustainable food truck solution, where 100% green and delicitious foods will be created every day. The team achieved third place on the semifinal at Brain Bar Festival and got the opportunity to present its idea in the international final already with a significant partnerships agreement.

Swapic logo

As a Hungarian startup, founded at the begining of 2018, we aim to create the first professional, photograpy related, second-hand online marketplace- thats how Swapic was born. With us you can trade your equipments on a high standard platform with full service.


Tamás GyörgyTamás György

Engame Academy

„uSchool is a wonderful initiative and a unique opportunity that could genuinely change the lives of young students – a phrase that might sound hollow, but I truly believe in it now; I’ve actually seen it happen!”
Szabolcska BalázsSzabolcska Balázs


“It is a huge advantage that these youngsters get to know the design thinking methodology in practice, being part of the process. This is a mindset that can be used in all aspect of their lives. “
Kövecses BettinaKövecses Bettina

Bird & Bird

I believe that in the mentor-mentee relationship both sides are mutually developing. As a mentor I would like to support the students exploring the value of their power and creativity and help them realize that with the right tools and competencies they can succeed.
Norbert StáhlStáhl Norbert

Impact Hub

Being an entrepreneur is quite challenging, however if you are open-minded and pay attention you can learn a lot and lead your business to directions you’ve never thought before. I’ve experienced this and the fact that as a uSchool mentor I can share it with these curious minds, it is a true privilege.


We at Invendor believe innovation is the key to survive in the exponential economy, that is why we created the Innovation Academy where we combine our expertise in designing and executing innovation programs, and the knowledge of the best industry professionals in each areas. 

Invendor Advisory Services

Invendor Advisory Services  has supported several dozen startups in building their businesses over the last ten years. The company has assisted & provided interim management to major international companies establishing their footprint in the region, We have operated  many corporate incubator programs. We have a family office fund and we have developed a  business case for a VC fund.

In the last  4 years, Invendor was organising a  “Young Entrepreneur” program, where working together with corporate mentors, we  teach above   methodologies in an interactive way.


Isobar Hungary

Isobar is a global digital agency of 6,500 people across 45 markets, united by our mission to transform businesses, brands and people’s lives with the creative use of digital. Informed by our consultancy practice, we deliver experience-led transformation, solving complex business challenges through our marketing, ecosystems and products offering.   Isobar has won over 300 awards in 2017 including Asia-Pacific Digital Network of the Year. Key clients include Coca-Cola, adidas, Enterprise, P&G, Philips and Huawei. Isobar is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc.


Corporate Values Ltd has been one of the leading consultancy and training provider companies since 2005. Providing skill and leadership development trainings for multinational enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. HR support, strategic consulting, process development and knowledge management are all its areas of expertise.

The Futures Lab

“We are proven leaders in the future potential business.” The Futures Lab, Inc. is a foresight consultancy founded in 1996. The company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Rijeka, Croatia, has partner offices in the U.K., China, Brazil, Hungary and Chile. It specializes in creating future potential for global corporations and institutions, including Microsoft, Intel, Coca Cola, Philips, etc., governments and major industry associations.


OpenExO is a Global Transformation Ecosystem helping organizations, institutions and people to transform and unlock abundance. Access the disruptive thinking, exponential technology insights and industry leaders you need to transform for the future.

Antonia Imre - CEO - Invendor

In the past five years Antonia’s main focus was designing and deploying incubational programs for corporates and for young entrepreneurs. Her experience proves that she is able to design, build and lead international projects at the cutting edge technology field, but her passion is to share that knowledge trough the educational programs she build. She is a passionate leader and future thinker, who loves to build companies.

Zsombor Imre - CEO - Invendor

Zsombor is a management consulting professional with e-business, fintech and payments specialization. He is founder, executive or board member of a number of companies. He benefits from previous work experience gained at Citibank, KPMG and Wizz Air. He has international project experience from 15 countries, gained numerous professional awards; he is a sought-after speaker.

Tamás Turi - Senior Service Design Consultant - Isobar

Tamas supports corporate clients to create financially sustainable, human-centred solutions using the toolkit of service design. He has experience in giving lectures and workshop facilitation in several topics like defining value proposition or customer experience projects.

Attila Molnar - psychologist,Scrum Master

Attila is a psychologist, Scrum Master, personal and team coach, delivering measurable results in agile transformation.

András Kuti - Lead UX Designer - Isobar

András has several years of experience in creating engaging, user centred product experiences and leading business critical digital projects in an agile agency environment. He has a strong background in web and mobile technologies, also a machine learning enthusiast with practical experience. Guest lecturer (UX, E-commerce) at Corvinus University.

Peter Kristof - ExO coach - OpenExO

Peter is a seasoned advisor, lecturer, conference speaker and specialist in disruptive innovation, exponential technologies and industry 4.0, having several transformation projects, a PhD and a Harvard degree under his belt.

Réka Oswald - PM, Consultant - Invendor

Reka is experienced in developing and executing innovation programs for students and corporations, she is the operative leader of the Academy’s youth program. She has a background in finance, passionate community builder and experienced in building educational programs.

Derek Woodgate - President & Chief Futurist - The Futures Lab

Derek is a consulting futurist, educator, author, speaker and curator. President and Chief Futurist of The Futures Lab foresight consultancy, founded in 1996, that specializes in creating future potential for global corporations and institutions, including Microsoft, Intel, Coca Cola, Philips, and many more. Ass. Professor, University of Agder, University Lecturer, Uni. of Houston.


Club Hosts

Strategic Partners

Media and Event Partners

Professional Partners

and many more…