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We create a unique ecosystem supporting crucial skills development for the digital economy.

We provide an educational program for high-school and university students with state-of-the art startup methodologies, improve management skills by providing expert trained corporate mentors.

Invendor Innovation Academy is continuation of the successful uSchool entrepreneurship program delivered in Hungary since 2015 by Invendor.

Skills we develop




Program outline

Free course series supported by inspiring mentors. You have the chance to make your business idea into reality with the help of practical tools + experience + community.

You can learn about..

Personas | Prototyping | Failure Culture | Lean Business Model Canvas | Team Management | Design Thinking | UX | … and more

We are looking for you if…

…you are a 16-30 year old high-school or university student who…


  • is eager to learn more, improve your skillset for the future
  • would like to work on a real entrepreneurial project, even your own idea
  • needs support to realise a business idea
  • would like to find out what your competitive strengths are
  • would like to try out yourself in teamwork, in a real-life project, meet with entrepreneurs and corporate professionals
  • feel the need for some career orientation


1 semester long course (spring & fall), weekly sessions, starts with hackathon + personalized mentoring sessions.

Finals at Brain Bar!




Applying to the program you will join the free “Vedd a kezedbe a jövő(de)t!” program of United Way Hungary which, besides developing your business project, also offers exciting company visits and other complementary program elements to help you on your journey of self-understanding and be more conscious deciding on your future! 


What to expect?

Joining one of the free entrepreneurial clubs you will be guided to execute a business idea of yours or your future teammates’, starting with the challenge you would like to tackle, through business models, prototyping, and pitching. Besides getting to know the startup best practices and methodologies you will meet several startup and corporate career paths through lectures, mentoring sessions and company visits. Eventually at the end of the program you will be able to present your own startup project.

We are holding 2-hour-long club sessions every week on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays, after-school hours, where you will learn about the next steps in building your business with your team. Besides the club sessions you will need a minimum 4 hours weekly to work on your projects with your team to be able to present at the final competition, from where the top performers can enter the 2018/2019 finals that is being held at Brain Bar the biggest European festival on the future.


Important dates are…

  • Application deadline: 27th January
  • Program start: 6th February
  • Startup weekend: 9-10th February
  • Finals at Brain Bar: 31th May



You can apply choosing from two entrepreneurship clubs based on your topic preferences. The clubs are focusing on – but not strictly restricted to – the topics of (1) Social entrepreneurship and (2) Consumer and design products.


Apply if you are a 16-19-year-old high-schooler, eager to experience how to start your business project, open to work in teams and dedicated to develop essential skills for your future.

You can apply individually, by filling in the form below and sending your CV to You will get feedback on getting in the program at the end of January.

 Please note:

  • To apply you do not need to have a team, or an exact business idea, however if you already have, you can highlight it in the form.
  • The language of the courses are decided on your preferences, we have already had several clubs in English and also in Hungarian.


The “Vedd a kezedbe a jövő(de)t!” program is supported by United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of Citi Foundation.

The professional content of the Entrepreneurship Clubs is delivered and implemented by us – Invendor Innovation Academy.

Have a look at our 2018 program finals!



    • You can increase your internal innovation processes by enhance knowledge on innovation methodologies in a certified training program..
    • Gain knowledge of the latest business methodologies to grow or to start your own incubator/accelerator program
    • Practice what you have learned in our risk-free Sandbox Program while educating youth in entrepreneurship. Innovative projects can be more easily integrated into your company if you are already involved as a mentor.
    • For companies who would like to improve their employer branding, by providing state-of the art knowledge and involvement in exciting innovative projects and mentorship culture.
    • Access to young talent and innovation ideas/portfolio, with low entry barrier

YOUNG Entrepreneurs

  • You can learn real useful stuff for free!
  • You can work on your own ideas!
  • You can find out what are your competitive strengths.
  • You can learn new skills to improve your skill set.
  • You will meet inspiring experts who will guide you through your project.
  • You will have access to valuable course material.
  • You can get some career advices from your tutors and mentors.
  • You can even become an actual entrepreneur at the end of the 6 month course!


photon logo

Photon is an online agency, where the clients can order photo shooting or video making with only a few clicks. The company was established in 2018 January and in February got the first investment from Telenor. They opened their first paying services at spring and since than they worked with many companies, like MOL, Bortársaság, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many others. In 2018 they want to take an other investment round.

led logo

The LED team had designed a clever climbing wall, which revolutionizes indoor climbing with modern technologies. With the help of sensors and LED lights, the training becomes more interesting and conscious, and by the application, the process can be easily tracked, estabilishing development for all the climbers who want to make a progress.
What makes our team truly successful is our custom designed climbing holds, product ideas, and already implemented engingeering solutions.

RE-KAMÉ logo

Team Rekamé aims to save the remaining ingredients from supermarkets and use them in its sustainable food truck solution, where 100% green and delicitious foods will be created every day. The team achieved third place on the semifinal at Brain Bar Festival and got the opportunity to present its idea in the international final already with a significant partnerships agreement.

Swapic logo

As a Hungarian startup, founded at the begining of 2018, we aim to create the first professional, photograpy related, second-hand online marketplace- thats how Swapic was born. With us you can trade your equipments on a high standard platform with full service.


Tamás GyörgyTamás György

Engame Academy

„uSchool is a wonderful initiative and a unique opportunity that could genuinely change the lives of young students – a phrase that might sound hollow, but I truly believe in it now; I’ve actually seen it happen!”
Szabolcska BalázsSzabolcska Balázs


“It is a huge advantage that these youngsters get to know the design thinking methodology in practice, being part of the process. This is a mindset that can be used in all aspect of their lives. “
Kövecses BettinaKövecses Bettina

Bird & Bird

I believe that in the mentor-mentee relationship both sides are mutually developing. As a mentor I would like to support the students exploring the value of their power and creativity and help them realize that with the right tools and competencies they can succeed.
Norbert StáhlStáhl Norbert

Impact Hub

Being an entrepreneur is quite challenging, however if you are open-minded and pay attention you can learn a lot and lead your business to directions you’ve never thought before. I’ve experienced this and the fact that as a uSchool mentor I can share it with these curious minds, it is a true privilege.



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Business Breakfast 2018 summer with BCCH

Best Mentors Competition

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Invendor Advisory Services

Invendor Advisory Services has been running uSchool Hungary since 2015. Invendor provides incubation services for startups and designs corporate innovation programs having strong presence in the startup community of the CEE.


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